Have there been Muslims who preach Islam in a way that makes you want to vomit, or even consider apostasy? Have there been people coming at you with those big beards, throwing Quran verses and hadiths at you for a shock effect? Do you live in a Muslim country where scholars refuse to denounce domestic violence, honor killings, oppression of non-muslims, women, and other shameful acts? Do you live in a Muslim country where their views of Islam are shaped by the culture and ways of life? And when you object to them, they say you're misguided, or just a non-Muslim for not following them? Doesn't it annoy you that so many misguided people use this religion to promote hatred and bloodshed? Doesn't it annoy you how so many people in this religion overreact and resort to extreme measures? Doesn't it annoy you MORE when those who engage in any of the above cause Muslims to become insecure about Islam, and even become apostates?

If you think people leave Islam just because they want to drink or have sex outside of marriage, then you're an idiot. You fit in with the above morons who think they're getting extra judgment day points by using Islam to suit their emotions and stupidity. It's becoming increasingly difficult to remain a part of this ummah with all the lunatics we sadly produce. And if you can't see this then YOU HAVE NO FAITH, and you don't want to admit the problems that are affecting many young Muslims.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to be a Muslim today because of what happens in the name of our religion. Every single day someone or some group does something ridiculous in the name of Islam. And you know what? Those morons who use this religion for violence, hatred, stupidity, and oppression DON'T CARE what we have to go through. To them, they're doing God a favor by presenting Islam this way. They think they're getting extra judgment day points by causing hatred and fear!

It is so painful to see how many bullies we have in this religion of ours. We have people in Islam who show no mercy, who are unforgiving, who will do their best to bring you down, who will do their best to embarrass you, who will do their best to insult and degrade. It makes me wonder, how are we suppose to have inner peace and full confidence in Islam when these people are running around and targeting us?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why the concepts of "geerah" and "dayooth" are problematic, and FALSE

There is a hadith about Gheerah. It is a term for protective jealousy that a man is suppose to have for his women. A person who does not have this is called a dayooth, and won't be entering paradise, according to that hadith. Generally, you only find this hadith on salafi websites and salafi videos. You wont often find it on regular Islamic websites. Now there are NUMEROUS problems with the concepts of gheerah and dayouth. Firstly, it causes men to obsess about his sisters and daughters and wives. It causes men to obsess about their choice of clothing, who they talk to, who is looking at them, and in general what they are up to since heaven is at stake for men. This causes men to not trust their wives and daughters and sisters and be in full control of them. Does this make sense at all? No it doesn't. Its a very STUPID concept that is the reason why muslim countries are hell for women.

I have come across blogs and videos about these concepts that hold the stereotypical views of non-hijabi women. Basically they mostly say how men like to "show off" their wives by letting them wear tight jeans and makeup. This is idiotic. Firstly, most non-hijabi muslim women wear regular clothes, not the tight ones. Secondly, as I have said many times, muslims who come from countries where burkas are the norm will find any non-burka wearing woman as wearing tight and revealing clothes. And thirdly, women wear clothes that they are comfortable in, just like how men do. And fourthly, no civilized human should control another human, nor should any civilized human sexualize every in inch of a woman's skin. That's one of the differences between the West and Muslim countries. The west does not sexualize everything women do, whereas many Muslim countries do sexualize everything women do.

Secondly, this hadith about gheerah was verified as "authentic" by the Salafi sheikh Muhammed Nasiruddin Al Albani, a man who died only 17 years ago. I have said this millions of times, salafi material is NEVER reliable. As a matter of fact, Al Albani himself is controversial among the salafi circles for his work. An example is when he said only an Arab can be the leader of an Islamic state. He gets his conclusions from studying hadiths. This is why hadiths need to be held under scrutiny, because some declare them as reliable while others don't.

So, we see why the concepts of gheerah and dayooth need to be thrown in the garbage.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

In a video about gender equality in Saudi Arabia, one group defends it, the other group... can you guess does what?


AJ+ does a story about gender equality in Saudi. Obviously, civilized humans are commenting in favor of it. But what is clearly noticeable is the amount of muslims, especially muslim men, who continue to defend gender inequality with ABSURD logic. It involves attacking western women, defending oppressive practices, and using the same logic how "this is Islam, the best religion and culture" and how "everything else is kaffir and wrong".
We always whine about the media showing muslims negatively, but how do we explain this?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yes, we do need to reform Islam to modern times

*I may be updating this later on with additional info*

I use to be actively against any kind of reformation within Islam. I rejected any "liberal" or "modern" interpretation, and held the view that there is only one true Islam, with minor differences among people regarding spiritual practices. I happily sided with Muslim leaders who said there is no moderate Islam, only one Islam. On my other blog (Answering Christians), I frequently posted about Islam and how there is only one true form. I trolled videos on Youtube and other blogs that presented views deviating from what I thought was true Islam. I went after Muslim women who rejected hijab, I went after Muslims who rejected all or parts of Islamic law (sharia), and I went after Muslims who wanted equal rights for women. I held the conservative belief that men and women are given different rights and roles according to their genders, and playing around with this is playing around with Allah's commands. I was never a hardcore salafi/wahhabi, but I was a staunch conservative who believed 7th century Islam is just as relevant and needed in this century.

However, after years of reading Islamic literature from different sects and different schools, and watching videos with differing interpretations, and considering apostasy after seeing wahhabi/salafi material, I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a "one true" Islam. Islamic scholars have differed vastly in their views throughout Islamic history. That is why, for example, the Islamic Golden Age so successful. Everyone could have their own views and no one could really enforce their views on to others. People could interpret Islam according to their own culture and time. And this is what we need today.

I still believe in Allah and his messangers (peace be upon them all), and I believe in the crux of Islam (5 pillars). The basics of Islam will always remain. For example, if muslims live in a country that uses conservative interpretations of Sharia, and then they move to a secular country, well the basics of Islam will still remain with them, even if the laws are secular. The faith aspects of Islam are the most important. But I no longer believe specific rulings are valid anymore in this century. We live in a completely different time and place, and it makes no sense that, other than the basics of Islam (again 5 pillars), we have to follow certain rulings. We need to start taking certain Islamic rulings more in a specific 7th century Arabian historical context. Because logic, reasoning, and rational thinking prevail over everything. Let me explain a few examples.

1) Islam tells men to protect and maintain women. I wrote on this earlier (http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/02/what-does-it-mean-when-quran-says-men.html) and it pretty much sums up what I believe, except I want to take more of historical approach rather than a literal one. Just as I say in the link, women today are just as educated and qualified as men, or at least in the civilized western world. Muslim women in the west contribute to family income just as much as men. The laws and societies of the west see women as equals in charge of their own lives. That is why Muslim women are so much more better off in countries that do not use conservative interpretations of Islamic law. Conservative Islamic law does not regard women as equals, and every woman's affairs are under the control of her guardian (close male relative). Sure, in the lawless 7th century where Islam improved women's rights, this made sense. At the time, the nature of women's issues made it reasonable to have her affairs under the supervision of men, whom were expected to be working and women were expected to remain at home and look after the kids. This practice predates Islam and is found in all cultures- the idea of men being the sole breadwinners. And it was still in practice when Islam was revealed so it makes sense why Allah made such a verse. But this is no longer the case. We NO LONGER live in such a time. Women today are interdependent and capable of looking after themselves.

Another idea that arises is that why should men be financially burdened and stressed out, when their wives are just as capable of earning and helping out with the finances?? If a woman does work, traditional Islamic ideology says the money she earns is hers. But does this make sense today? Studies show men are much more likely to be stressed out from work than women. Stress causes many mental and physical problems. So why should a wife's earnings be for herself only?

Do you see what I am trying to say? We have imams and sheikh's saying it doesn't matter if Harvard educated women work or don't work, they have no role in financial responsibility because that is the job of men. If a husband has a 2 year diploma in something and barely gets by in life, while his Harvard educated wife either stays at home or works, and she has no Islamic duty to help out her husband, then what kind of message does Islam send to men?? Again, I realize that such views were needed in the 7th century. A completely different time and place with different work and educational structures. But again, today we live in a pretty much completely different dimension.

2) Slavery

We live in a time where slavery no longer exists. People say Islam ended slavery, but that's only partially true. Islam encourages the FREEING of slaves, and elevates their status, but doesn't necessarily abolish the practice. That is why slavery continued to exist in Muslim countries only until recently. We live in a world where no human is a slave to another. So what do we do about the rules and regulations related to slavery in Islam? They are not valid anymore. In the exact same way we use the above point and let women be in control of their own lives.

3) Extremism

I don't actually believe Islamic scriptures cause violent groups to emerge, but radical interpretations are a problem. Madrassas in Pakistan produce Jihadi freaks who wreck havoc in the country. Wahhabi/Salafi preachers in Europe call for Sharia and constantly make provocative remarks towards non-muslims, WHILE LIVING in non-Muslim countries! And then the online Islamic forums (Ummah, Islam Awakening, Salafi chat etc.) have literally the most screwed up humans on earth. ISIS, Taliban, Al Queda, Boko Haram supporters flood these forums. And if they aren't supporters of these groups, then there still are idiots on there with their ridiculous views on women and non-muslims and Muslim countries that don't use "Sharia".

There are also countless Youtube videos and Facebook pages who have the same views as the people on those Islamic forums. For example, there are facebook groups supporting terrorist groups and terrorists! I have posted before how there are facebook groups supporting the terrorist murderer Mumtaz Qadri.

And who can forget Pakistan and Saudi Arabia's idiotic blasphemy laws? In the case of Pakistan, it isn't unusual to hear about mentally unstable Christian girls being threatened for death because somebody spread a rumour. In Saudi, no one can go against Saudi ulema. It literally is a crime to "insult" the judiciary (whom are wahhabi sheikhs).

Point is, there are interpretations of Islam that inspire people and groups to react violently.

4) Scholars, Sheikhs, Mullahs, Imaams. Alims

It is a trademark of the Muslim community to blindly follow whatever a scholar says. Any criticism if these scholars creates massive stigma, that we are "jews" who hate Islam and whatever. This causes muslims not to think and question about what they are hearing or reading. That's why every time a sheikh says something incredibly stupid and idiotic, his followers will blindly agree and aggressively go after anyone who disagrees. Islam QA is a perfect example. When I posted my article on his crazy fatwas, I received a few comments saying the usual that I don't know anything about Islam, or that I want a kaffir lifestyle, and so forth.

There are other examples like women travelling alone and men and women being alone, though there are fatwas which say women don't need mehrems and that men and women being alone itself is not haraam (http://dar-alifta.org/Foreign/f.aspx?ID=185965). My point is, we need to update our thinking. We need to reform to suit modern day ways of life. The sad truth is every individual see's Islam differently, and I have written about the effects of culture. The muslims in the west are for the most part able to combine values like gender equality and Islam. Whereas may Muslim countries still marry 9 year old girls off. Logic and reasoning and rational thinking is the ONLY WAY Islam can progress and survive.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How salafis/wahabis respond to terror attacks

NOTE: You can find all these people on Ummah forums, Salafi talk, and Islamic Awareness forums.

1) Dont say anything becase we cant trust "kaffirs".

2) Dont say anything becase we cant trust "western media".

3) Dont say anything because non muslims are at war with muslims. Showing sympathy for non muslims would mean agreeing with them in their war against muslims.

4) Dont say anything because showing sympathy for non muslims is an act of "biddah" or "imitating the kaffir".

5) Condemn other Muslims for showing sympathy towards non muslims. Symbolically many muslims put up a belgian flag. This would cause condemnation by right wing salafis because only the black flag can be raised (as said by Allas Servant, a ridiculous right wing nutjob on ummah forums).

6) Are happy because this would cause non muslims to go against muslims, therefore causing muslims in the west to join their "brothers" against the "enemy" and create muslim unity.

7) Ask why no one is condemning the attacks by isis/al queda against muslims. These fools fail to realize that there is a huge difference betwern muslims killing muslims in the name of islam in a muslim country, and killing non muslims in the name of islam in a non muslim country.

8) Ask why there was no condemnation by westerners (and muslims) when many muslims were killed during the invasion of Iraq. I find this one weird because Iraq is mostly Shia. And salafis/wahabis/right wing muslims HATE Shias.

9) Codemn the attacks, but act just like Isis/Al Queda against other muslims and non muslims the next day (for example, killing muslims, other sects of islam, non muslims in Pakistan in the name of "blasphemy").

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Correcting Muslim misconceptions about Islam

1) It is haraam for women to be with non-mahrams or to be seen by them.

No, it isn't. Allah didn't create women as sex objects, nor did he create men as sexual monsters. By the way, see here for that analogy of women being compared to diamonds or pearls: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/05/please-stop-comparing-muslim-women-to.html

Also, see here for the clothing of women in Islam: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/05/trying-to-understand-womans-dress-in.html

And see here how culture views people's perceptions of Islam: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/04/does-culture-influence-our-views-on.html

And see here for what lowering the gaze actually means: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/02/what-does-it-mean-when-quran-says-to.html

 Many salafis use the verse 33:53 to segregate women, to make sure they are hidden from men:

"O you who have believed, do not enter the houses of the Prophet except when you are permitted for a meal, without awaiting its readiness. But when you are invited, then enter; and when you have eaten, disperse without seeking to remain for conversation. Indeed, that [behavior] was troubling the Prophet, and he is shy of [dismissing] you. But Allah is not shy of the truth. And when you ask [his wives] for something, ask them from behind a partition. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts. And it is not [conceivable or lawful] for you to harm the Messenger of Allah or to marry his wives after him, ever. Indeed, that would be in the sight of Allah an enormity."

However people fail to realize that this verse is directed to the Prophet's wives. It speaks DIRECTLY TO AND ABOUT THEM. As we are about to see, the Quran has guidelines for the Prophet's wives ONLY.

2) Women should be at home

The verse used to say this is verse 33:33

"And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification."

But lets go back one verse to 33:32

"O wives of the Prophet, you are not like anyone among women. If you fear Allah , then do not be soft in speech [to men], lest he in whose heart is disease should covet, but speak with appropriate speech."

Once again, God in the Quran speaks to the WIVES OF THE PROPHET. 33:32 even says the wives of the Prophet Muhammed pbuh are not like other women. Other women here refers to regular Muslim women.

Some people say, even though it refers to the Prophet's wives, this verse refers to all women since the mothers of the believers are examples for all women. But then go back to verse 33:53. It forbids the Prophet's wives to re-marry. Now, according to the logic of those people, can muslim women even marry? Clearly muslim women of today are not married to the Prophet Muhammed pbuh! So that logic fails. And note that this logic is one of picking and choosing of what to follow in Islam, which is obviously haraam. 

Keep in mind many salafi websites have that logic of women needing to be at home. They're clearly screwed up and misguided.

3) Democracy is shirk, biddah, and haraam

A salafi claim. Islam mentions no formal ways of governing. Which is why throughout Islamic history we have had different types of government.

4) Democratic laws are man made and against Allah's laws/democracy is shirk

No. The Quran and Sunnah mention have only a FEW LEGAL PARTS, while the rest is related to spirituality and stories. 90% of the laws made and passed in western countries are not against Islamic law. 

In my province, all autistic children are by law required to have people trained in such fields to watch over their development. In the next province over, all pet owners must register their pet with local vet clinics and are required to bring their pets at least once a year for a regular check up. Does Islam specifically mention this?

One of the problems Muslim countries have is that they try to politicize everything that is in the Quran. They go beyond the legal aspects, and try to politicize family affairs, relations with non-muslims, relations with women, and so on. What is spiritual is meant to stay spiritual, what is contextual (meant for specific times and places (i.e. slavery)) is meant to remain in that time period.

5) Sex segregation is fardh (mandatory) in Islam

See point 1.

Here are some fatwas on how separating the genders is not a requirement in Islam:

Some videos by Dr Shabir Ally:

6) Women get half the inheritance

Firstly, I have written about how muslim women today are independent. See here: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/02/what-does-it-mean-when-quran-says-men.html

Muslim women today are just as much important breadwinners as men. It is not the duty of women to stay at home, and cook and clean.

See this link that says women can get equal inheritance: http://www.mwlusa.org/topics/rights/inheritance.html

7) Women cannot travel alone

See this:

8) Wives are to obey their husbands

Comes from verse 4:34. It however refers to obedience to Allah. See the following: 

9) Muslim men are allowed to marry more than one wife

See here: http://mymuslimthoughts.blogspot.ca/2015/02/why-are-people-so-misguided-on-polygamy.html


Friday, January 8, 2016

Should we be surprised a hundred Arab men sexually assaulted so many German women?

Sexual assault and harassment are a part of many muslim cultures unfortunately.  Because of poor laws and poor law enforcement, such crimes are basically legal.

You know that saying from salafi muslims that women should stay at home to avoid being raped? Yeah, stay at home in countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi, because women who arent burka covered housewives are seen as inviting inapropriate touching and lewd comments.

On top of that, many muslim men love lusting at the white women in hollywood movies and in pornography. So what happens when they immigrate to western countries? Yeah.

An example is Sweden. It has taken in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from countries where women are consistently violated. At first I didn't believe the rape statistics because they often came from right wing anti muslim sources. But then I came across articles from neutral and liberal websites, and I know how women are viewed in many muslim countries after visiting, interviewing people, seeing news articles from MUSLIM COUNTRIES, and seeing human rights reports. Its no longer the "media" like how many muslims use the excuse. Its real. And people do it while still claiming to be muslim.

A few months ago it was in the news that some men were kicked out of a nightclub for sexually harassing women in Germany. The articles mentioned the men using the word "whore". Which type of people frequently use that word towards women? Oh and by the way it was mentioned they were Syrian immigrants.

Update: On January 12, according to the local (swedish news), 50 Afghans were arrested for sexually assaulting teen girls at a music festival.